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Laguna Group is passionate about client results.  We offer our seminars with a variety of options to match our customers’ needs.  Our signature is stimulating custom-designed programs that are tailored for each client, structured as “in-house” programs at the client specified location.  We also offer public seminars, and a “train-the-trainer” program for a company site license of our seminars.

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Laguna Group Winning Edgeâ Seminars

The Laguna Group has extensively researched the characteristics of the best of the best in business - the companies and their leaders, resulting in our Winning Edge programs. They contain the practical and effective skills that enable your organization to thrive in today's changing business climate.

Winning Edgeâ: Business Negotiations
Getting the Business – Strategies and tactics for profits and relationships!

In today's competitive business environment, a profitable relationship is developed when both organizations are satisfied with the value of the agreement. The difference between success and failure is the negotiation process. You can create a profitable situation for your company and your business partners. Good agreements help you reach and exceed your goals and promote trust and enthusiasm to work again. The primary objective of this 2-day workshop is to provide your business professionals with the training and education required to become proficient at negotiating profitable long-term business relationships. The skills taught in this program are necessary for anyone who must buy, sell, negotiate, persuade, motivate, or manage.

Winning Edgeâ: Customer Focused Management Series

Global competition, hostile takeovers, and razor-thin margins - Business today is fraught with challenges unknown to managers from previous generations. Executives today need sharper skills to gain the edge and achieve their organization's objectives. You can create Winning Edge teams throughout your organization that accept change, competition and complexity as their allies. Learn how to build and manage the type of team that's self-responsive, results driven, low maintenance, and a constantly learning organization that thrives on this new business mind set. The skills taught in this program are necessary for anyone who must produce results while building a championship team and preparing for tomorrow.  These five vital proficiencies are the foundation of the workshop:

·       Leadership - generating profits and passion in the organization

·       Coaching - increasing performance and self-responsibility

·       Negotiation and influenceadvanced executive level persuasion and communication skills

·       Team player - planning and organizing the business team

·       Results focus - motivation, feedback and monitoring systems


This 3½-day program is designed for managers charged with customer relationships – sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.  


Winning Edgeâ: Building and Maintaining Business Relationships
Keeping the Business – Generating and retaining profitable business deals!

Based on the book Ignore Price

Enduring success is not a chance or accident; it's a vision with an effective plan. More and more companies are realizing the necessity of developing durable relationships with suppliers and customers. Most organizations invest a small fortune to acquire a new business relationship only to find they lose it prematurely. Profits are made in the years after the deal is signed. This seminar explores the skills required for developing trust within organizations, and winning approval from a variety of decision-making individuals in today's dynamic contracting process. The primary objective of this practical and hard-hitting 2-day workshop is to provide your company team the training and education required to be proficient in building lasting strategic business relationships.


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