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Are Your Customers And Suppliers Passionate About Doing Business With You?



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Many companies invest a small fortune to acquire a new business relationship only to find they lose it prematurely.  This book explores why spending 90% of your efforts in getting the deal and then only 10% to maintain it is all wrong.  Profits are made in the years after the deal is signed.  Find out how your organization can maximize its return on investment by negotiating to keep superior customers and suppliers.

You will discover:

  • Why negotiating trust is vital to sustain profitable deals
  • How to lead your team beyond just "Customer Satisfaction Ratings" to building lasting Customer Retention programs.
  • Why the Triple Crown of Business® process is the "Heart and Soul" of selling solutions to your customers.
  • Why some suppliers are actually firing customers
  • The secret ingredient in defining Value
  • How the wrong selling and negotiating tactics can cost you profits
  • The 4 phases of business relationships and how to prosper in each  

In this book you will learn the secrets of Winning EdgeŇ organizations that cultivate business relationships for keeps.

Want to enjoy business more?  
Buy this book before your competitors.



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